Specialty Contact Lenses

WAVE Contact Lenses

  • Every fingerprint is unique, and the same is true of your eye's corneal tissue.
  • Allisonville Eye Care Center is the only practice in Indiana that offers the technology to prescribe Wave Contact Lenses, which are custom designed lenses to perfectly fit any corneal “fingerprint”.
  • A special video camera is used to map thousands of points on the surface of the eye, and the contact lens is then developed based on this information. The result is unmatched comfort and vision for the patient.
  • Find out more here: http://www.wavecontactlenses.com/start.html

WAVE NightLens

  • The Wave NightLens gently molds the cornea during sleep to eliminate or greatly reduce the need for daytime use of glasses or contact lenses!
  • This approach has also been shown to reduce the rate at which myopia progresses- especially important for children with advancing myopia.
  • Please call for an appointment to see if you are a candidate for Wave Contact Lenses!
  • Find out more here: http://www.nightlenstherapy.com

ATLANTIS Scleral Lenses

  • Atlantis Scleral lenses are indicated for those patients with irregular corneas due to keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, post refractive surgery, corneal transplants, or even ocular surface disease.
  • This scleral lens is a large diameter gas permeable lens that vaults over the cornea and settles in at the sclera (or what is commonly referred to as the "white of the eye").
  • There is a fluid reservoir between the contact lens and the corneal surface, which provides optimal all day comfort. Additionally, this smooth optical surface often gives a patient their best corrected vision.
  • Find out more here: http://www.xcelspecialtycontacts.com/specialtygp

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