Myopia Control

Non-Surgical Myopia Control Strategies


Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT)

Corneal refractive therapy, or CRT, was approved in the United States in June 2002, and it has been implemented with success at Allisonville Eye Care Center since 2003.

This non-surgical treatment option involves wearing a special device at night while one is sleeping in order to reshape the cornea and reduce or ultimately eliminate the need for glasses or contacts during the day. It has proven to be very effective for many at reducing the rate of myopia progression!

Wave NightLens

  • The Wave NightLens is a specialized lens used to gently mold the cornea during sleep to reduce or completely eliminate the need for daytime use of glasses or contact lenses. This approach has been shown to reduce the rate at which myopia, or nearsightedness, progresses- especially important for those children with advancing myopia progression!
  • Here’s a snapshot of a successful WAVE patient at AECC:

Prescription prior to WAVE:
Right Eye: -6.75DS
Left Eye: -8.00DS

Prescription after WAVE wear:
Right Eye: Plano (0)
Left Eye: +0.25DS

This case demonstrates that all of the patient’s nearsightedness was fully corrected. The patient was noting sustained and clear vision all day. Plus, the patient was glasses free for the first time in her life! Now that’s remarkable!

Specialized Eyeglass Lenses

Certain eyeglass lens designs can be prescribed to change the way light focuses as it enters the eye. These lenses can also reduce the rate at which myopia progresses.

  • We prescribe an invisible line bifocal to achieve this myopia control effect.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

  • Alternatively, soft multifocal contact lenses can be worn during the day to modify the way light focuses in the eye to control myopia.

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